Student Leadership

FACS offers both formal and informal student leadership opportunities. In addition, we encourage students to get involved in leadership in their churches and other community organizations. Admissions professionals at colleges and universities recommend that high school students demonstrate a progression in leadership (such as moving from representative, to vice president, to president in a single organization) for scholarship consideration purposes.

At FACS, Student Council (grades 7-8), Student Ambassadors (grades 9-12), and Student Government Association (grades 9-12) are structured specifically for leadership training and action. Other organizations, such as Knowledge Bowl, and contests such as National History Day and American Math Exams, allow students the opportunity to represent FACS to the community in academic formats. In addition, many clubs and organizations feature leadership structures, such as the chair system in band and captain positions on athletic teams.

Students are encouraged to keep a record of their student leadership activities for use on resumes and scholarship applications.