Diploma Requirements and Course Selection

Requirements and Planning

Use this page to help develop a plan for high school coursework and request placement in particular classes. Begin by viewing the diploma requirements. Next, use the four-year plan. 

Download Diploma Requirements

Download Four-Year Plan Form

Course Selection Requests

Each spring semester, high school students at FACS request courses for the following year. The forms below were developed in preparation for the 2015-2016 school term, and may still be used by students entering FACS during the 2015-2016 term. In the spring of 2016, students will receive forms for the 2016-2017 term; new forms will be posted on this site at that time.

Download Freshman Course Selection Request 

Download Sophomore Course Selection Request

Download Junior Course Selection Request 

Download Senior Course Selection Request 

Honors Course Placement Process

Students must request placement in honors courses by filling out a request form and distributing honors recommendation forms to teachers. The Guidance Office works with faculty in determining student placement. Parents and students who disagree with honors placement decisions may appeal using the Honors Waiver and Appeal Form.

Download Honors Request Form

Download Honors Recommendation Form

Download Honors Waiver/Appeal Form

Dual Enrollment Placement

Students requesting placement in dual enrollment courses must complete a dual enrollment agreement. The Guidance Office will assist students in the process of completing requirements for enrollment in these courses, for which credit is awarded through the University of Memphis.

Download Dual Enrollment Agreement