College Entrance Testing

FACS students in grades 7-10 complete the ASPIRE testing program in preparation for college work. Most students take the ACT for the first time by the end of the sophomore year; students are required to register for and complete the ACT by the end of the junior year. Students are encouraged to continue taking the ACT until they've reached a score with which they are comfortable; the higher the score, the higher the college scholarship offer. Most colleges and universities in the South accept the ACT for admission and scholarship consideration; some prefer or require the SAT. Students are encouraged to research the colleges and universities to which they plan to apply so that they know which test(s) to take and whether the institutions require the addition of a writing test.

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Prepare for College Entrance Testing

FACS offers an online ACT preparation course that may be taken on an ongoing basis.

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There are also outside resources students may use in preparing for the ACT. Here are some links that may be of help:

Link to ACT Study Guide Site

Link to ACT Video Tutorial Site