Checklist for Freshmen

  • Make sure you've chosen a strong, college-preparatory academic program. Always try to take the most rigorous schedule you are capable of handling.
  • Get involved at FACS and in the community. You'll gain skills, build confidence, and discover your interests and aptitudes. Your freshman activities can be listed on college admissions and scholarship applications.
  • Connect with adults working in fields in which you may have an interest. Look for mentors among teachers, counselors, employers and family friends.
  • Keep a portfolio of essays, research papers, artwork or other samples that may be valuable to you in the future. Remember, you're not just working for your current teachers, but working toward your future.
  • Keep a scrapbook that displays school leadership, community service or church involvement. Colleges (and scholarship providers) are seeking students who want to make a difference in the world.
  • Keep your grades up. Now that you're in high school, your GPA is more important than ever.
  • Some freshmen already possess strong postsecondary goals. Let Ms. Smeltser know about these so that your name will come to mind when she hears of opportunities for enriched educational experiences in your particular area of interest (workshops, seminars, leadership activities, summer programs, etc.)