Planning for College Athletics

Students who hope to play college athletics would do well to remember that academics still come first. Even those students with the talent and drive to master athletics at the college level will find that, with few exceptions, the biggest scholarships are offered on the basis of academic (not athletic) performance. A coach with a limited athletic scholarship budget will be interested in recruiting players able to pay a portion of their way with academic dollars; additionally, strong students are attractive because they bolster team grade point averages.

In addition to keeping up the gpa and preparing well for the ACT, prospective college athletes must keep track of course selections to make sure they meet eligibility requirements for college athletics. 

IMPORTANT: a prospective college athlete should register with NAIA and/or NCAA eligibility center by the fall of the high school junior term.

Link here to the NCAA Elibility Center

Link here to the NAIA Elibility Center

FACS students and parents with questions about preparing for college athletics should contact Guidance Counselor Teran Conley at