Secondary Information

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Here are some downloadable documents that may be needed throughout the year by high school students and parents:


2017 Summer Reading List (grades 7-12)

2017 Summer Reading Assignment (grade 7)

2017 Summer Reading Assignment (grade 8)


2017-2018 School Calendar

Principal's Letter

First Day of School Schedule

2017-2018 Bell Schedule

NEW Thursday Late-Start Schedule

After-School Policy

REVISED Standardized Dress, 2017-2018 Term

Dennis Uniform Secondary School Price List

Student Vehicle Registration Form

Cafeteria Welcome Letter 2017-2018


FACS Junior High Program of Studies 2017 (grades 7-8)

FACS High School Program of Studies 2017 (grades 9-12)

Secondary School Parent and Student Handbook

National Honor Society Active Member Requirements 

National Honor Society Service Form

National Honor Society Application (grades 10-12)

National Junior Honor Society Application (grade 8)

FACS School Profile (Includes Grading Scale)

Secondary Field Trip Form

Victory Ranch Parental Permission Form

Victory Ranch Release of Liability

Field Trip Driver Regulation Form

Pre-Excused Absence Request Form

Dennis Uniform Email Sign-Up, Use Code MTFAHS

Authorization for Administration of Medication at School Form

Student Health History Form

Washington, D.C., Fundraiser Information (8th-grade trip)

August 2017 Cafeteria Menu

SUPPLY LISTS, 2017-2018


Bible 7 & 8, Poole

Biblical Applications, World Religions, Grant

World Religions, C. Meadows


Christian Literature, Young

Computer Concepts 7 & 8, Computer Applications, Graphic Design, Web Design, DeLisle

Film & Video, Gast

Home Economics, Therrell

Intro to Business, Personal Finance, Winston

Journalism, Yearbook, DeLisle

Psychology, Sociology, Therrell

STEM, Humanities, D. Gray


Dual Enrollment English, Dobson

English 7, English 9, Honors English 9, Gardner

English 8, Boyd

English 10 (Regular and Honors), Boyd

English 10, English 12, AP English, Kennedy

English 11, Dobson

Honors English 11, Dobson

Resource English, 7 & 8, Gast

Resource English, 9-12, Powell

Fine Arts

All Choir and Theatre, Denman

Art I, McDade

Art II, McDade

Art III, McDade

Band, Grades 7-12, Hembruch

Foreign Languages

French, Introductory, 8th Grade, Therrell

French I, II, and III, Therrell

German I, Nathan

German II, Nathan

Spanish I, D. Gray

Spanish I, Rogers

Spanish II, Rogers

Honors Spanish II, Rogers

Honors Spanish III, Rogers

Honors Spanish IV, Rogers

Life Skills, PE, Wellness, Values in Action

Life Skills 7 & 8, Cox

PE and Wellness, Grades 7, 8, and 9, M. Wilkes, D. Wilkes, Priest

Values in Action, Conley


Algebra I, Coleman

Algebra II, Coleman

Basic Algebra I and II, Senior Math, Advanced Math, P Piker

Basic Geometry, Powell

Geometry, Coleman

Honors Algebra II, Honors Geometry, Precalculus, Honors Precalculus, Calculus, Flickenger

Honors Pre-Algebra 7, Math 7, Young

Pre-Algebra 8, Honors Algebra I, 8, Young


AP Biology and Anatomy and Physiology, W. Gray

Biology, M. Piker

Honors Biology, M. Piker

Chemistry, Honors Chemistry, and Physical Science, Lawrence

Physics, Honors Physics, P. Piker

Science 7 & 8, Stiles

Social Studies

Economics, Winston

Eighth-Grade History, Ninth-Grade Geography, Tenth-Grade World History, Duncan

Honors World History, Honors Geography, Government, AP and Dual Enrollment Government, Hopper

Seventh-Grade World Studies, Gast

World History, US History, AP and Dual Enrollment US History


Speech, Winston