Invest in Infrastructure

by Deborah Wade

It is an uncertain time in our nation.

Families in the Northeast scavenge through the rubble for the pieces of their lives left behind by Sandy. Congress calls witnesses in search of truth amid the evolving narrative from Benghazi. Americans right and left wonder how we became so divided, and where we’ll go from here. We are in a post-Sandy, post-Benghazi, post-election, pre-fiscal cliff haze.

The haze hangs over us all. Young and old. Employed and unemployed. It is geographically, ethnically, and politically pervasive.

But here comes the Son.

Just at a time when people are realizing human help is helpless, Jesus Christ calls His own to arise, shine! ... to break through the haze with His power in examples of right living that attract people to the Truth, and acts of love that bring real hope at a hopeless time.

To bring about this “Sonrise,” we must invest in the infrastructure of our faith:

  • time in prayer and meditation on God’s word to draw near to the Source of power
  • personal repentance in every area in which God reveals the need for transformation
  • fidelity to spouse in order to realize and demonstrate God’s plan for healthy families
  • dedication in training our children and grandchildren toward a Biblical worldview1 so that they need not grow up to write popular songs asking, “What do I stand for?”2
  • commitment to corporate worship that gives honor to our Creator
  • devotion to the benevolent work of the Church and, most important, to the Great Commission

While it is certainly not wrong to work toward political change that would benefit our nation, Jesus neither promised political victory nor endorsed political salvation, despite what the Zealots of His day desired. He hung on a cross, spilling His life for our eternal good.

Right or left, Christians are unlikely to find revival at the polls. Right or left, Christians can’t expect fewer divorces, fewer abortions, better care for the elderly, greater compassion for the poor and needy, more relief in times of suffering, greater transparency from government leaders, or more positive role models in Hollywood, just because one party or the other occupies Washington.

Real hope and change is God’s platform alone. His definition of a mandate for His action is found in Second Chronicles.3 He wants His children to humble themselves, talk with Him, and act like their Father; then He will hear us and heal our land.

He always loves His children.

He always keeps His word.

[1] See Deuteronomy 6: 6-9

[2] “Some Nights” by Fun

[3] See II Chronicles 7:14