Honor Coach Philip Spain

By giving to the Philip Spain Athletic Expansion you help extend Coach Spain’s legacy to generations of FACS Crusaders and their families. For nearly 40 years, Coach Spain poured his life into FACS. As varsity football coach…Read More

Thankful To Play

A week or two after the 2012-13 school year ended, I received a letter from the Macy’s department store in New York City. Upon reading it, I learned that I was invited to march and play…Read More

Ironing The Graduation Gown

As you press the material into a flat sheen, you have the sense that this can’t be happening. Your daughter is not actually going to walk across the stage tonight and receive a diploma. Your son…Read More

Worth Dying For?

FACS Student Ambassadors conducted a special assembly to honor our military on January 23 featuring a guest speaker who challenged students, faculty, and parents to “live for something worth dying for.” Sgt. Jeff Struecker, now retired as…Read More

Invest in Infrastructure

It is an uncertain time in our nation. Families in the Northeast scavenge through the rubble for the pieces of their lives left behind by Sandy. Congress calls witnesses in search of truth amid the evolving narrative from…Read More

Lady Golfers Gold on Green

The FACS Varsity Girls’ Golf team has been lighting up the course this season with victories over Hutchinson and St. George’s, a tie against St. Mary’s, only one loss (to St. Agnes), and…Read More