Classroom Technology Sponsorship

Put Students on the Leading Edge

Your business or family can do a lot to help make sure students with a Christian worldview are prepared to lead. Originally part of our spring campaign to fund Active Panels, these sponsorships may be given at any time and will make a continuous impact on our students and the way they learn.

Business Sponsorships

If you own a business, classroom technology sponsorship is a winning move for you, providing your business with valuable exposure and an opportunity to tell your story.

If you work for a business that cares about education in our community, perhaps that business would be interested in sponsoring this important effort.

Download an informative letter you can take to your company leader.

Download the Business Sponsorship Benefit and Registration Form.

Family Sponsorships

As an alternative, your family may want to sponsor classroom technology in honor of or in memory of someone who has been a positive influence on your family or who has impacted you personally in a significant way, such as a teacher, coach, or mentor. 

Find out about family sponsorships here.

Our goal with the above sponsorships is to raise enough funds to place ActivPanel technology (think "smart boards") in every FACS classroom. And that's just the beginning of our quest for continuous improvement in the use of educational technology. 

We think it's worth it to invest in FACS students, many of whom return to the Memphis area after postsecondary education, become leaders in area business and industry, and establish strong families that contribute to stability in our community. 

If you have any questions about classroom technology sponsorship or any ideas you may have to support students at FACS, please contact Deborah Wade at