Academic Services

Student Support Services (Grades 7-12)

FACS offers resource classes as well as focused academic monitoring of student progress in regular classrooms. To apply for the program, students must have a current Psychoeducational Evaluation (completed within the last three years). Families interested in Student Services should contact Admissions Director Ellen DiGirolamo at Ms. DiGirolamo will arrange for a meeting with Student Services personnel. Families are encouraged to bring as much information as possible to the meeting in order to assess whether Student Services may be a good option for a particular student.


Students in grades 1-6 may benefit from reading intervention that includes individualized and small-group instruction to improve reading skills and comprehension. In grades 3-6, SPARKS may include both reading intervention and additional help in math. Students in the program remain in the regular classroom for all other subjects but spend reading or reading and math instructional time working with a SPARKS instructor. Students do not miss any regular classroom instruction. Inclusion in the program is based on classroom teacher recommendation, assessment, and parent authorization.

Individualized Tutoring Program (Grades SrK-12)

Individualized tutoring is offered for students who could benefit from additional instructional time. A tutor may be requested for any student whose parents and teacher(s) agree that one-on-one sessions are needed to achieve success. Tutoring may take place from 7:00-7:45 a.m., during the school day for those students who have study halls, or from 3:15-4:00 p.m. Tutoring may be received on campus from a teacher or from an honors or highly recommended student. The Individualized Tutoring Program coordinator also maintains a referral list of qualified tutors who are available off-campus. ACT preparation is also offered through the Tutoring Program.