Elementary Studies

Grades 1-6


FACS elementary students consistently rank well above national norms in all subjects on standardized tests.

During these foundational years, strong emphasis is placed on reading and math, with the belief that core skills must be established in elementary school.

Science is taught from the perspective of utilizing critical reasoning skills to understand the world and praise its Creator. Social studies units provide context for major historical periods (with particular emphasis on American history), promote understanding of other cultures and people groups, and cement geographical knowledge. Bible is taught as a separate subject and also is integrated into every subject.

Because FACS is committed to spiritual truth and academic excellence, our elementary school instructors utilize a variety of curricula. While most textbooks are from Christian publishers, our teachers, all of whom are well grounded in the faith, develop Christ-centered applications for secular texts.

In addition to coursework in reading, math, science, social studies, and Bible, elementary students study health from a Christian perspective and regularly participate in STEAM activities (science, technology, engineering, art, and math).

The FACS Media Center offers a wide variety of appropriate literature, helps students acquire strong library usage and research skills, and manages an accelerated reader testing program to augment the reading curriculum.

Our physical education program not only ensures students participate in physical activity on a regular basis but also promotes the formation of beneficial lifelong fitness and nutrition habits.