Striving for Christian Excellence


About 98 percent of FACS graduates go on to college, most with scholarships. That may be enough for parents and students whose goal is preparation for college and career.

We believe Christian excellence demands more.

Our goal at FACS is to work with parents to educate students in a way that prepares them to lead lives that honor Christ and benefit society. That’s why we stress student leadership and character-building skills, along with the academic coursework students require to realize their God-given potential.

FACS focuses early in preschool and elementary school on strong mathematics, reading and language skills. Advanced students may participate in enrichment classes in grades 3-6. By junior high, many students are learning well above grade level. High school provides opportunities for honors, advanced placement, and dual enrollment courses that prepare students for success in higher education and, in some cases, provide college credit.

For those who need extra help acquiring the skills needed for academic success, resource classes are available throughout elementary, junior high and high school.

The size of the school—630 students—allows for excellent teacher-student ratios (1-10 overall) and individual attention.